The Digital Voice of Italian Museums: Digital Think-In

digital think-in maxxi roma

There is one thing that we like about Italian museums: they are always able to surprise us. And among the many good news in the field of digital and culture, there is also an Italian museum that rolls up his sleeves and, among exhibitions, events and a new website, managed to organize the first entirely local version of a conference on the theme. Read more

How to Communicate the Museum on a Smartphone: the MoMA’s mobile website


Since April 21st 2015, Google has officially released an update to the algorithm that controls the ranking of web pages, rewarding the visibility of mobile friendly websites. The decision of the American colossus is based on the observation that nowadays 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, and the new algorithm benefits those websites that offer user experiences tailored on the needs of those starting a research from a smartphone or a tablet.

But what does this mean for museums? What ground rules can be followed by those cultural institutions who want to “keep up” and make choices geared to the needs of the digital public?

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ARTEQ Summit: Museums Meet the Future


A technological revolution is taking place right now. Military drones are completely changing the way war is fought, while civilian drones are having a deep impact on many other fields, from agriculture to aerial photography. Internet of Things is connecting devices at an increasing rate, creating a massive amount of data on which new, unexpected applications will be built.

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Museums beyond digital: content strategy, evaluation and institutional change at #MW2015


Another year has passed and we are back from our third Museums and the Web Conference, so far one of our favorite! Five days of intense sessions, tours, workshops, social gatherings and museum fun can’t quite describe our #MW2015 week.

To all those that are a little bit curios about what the Conference was about, remember that all the papers presented are available online for free along with the ones from past conferences in Museums and the Web Archive, a giant pool of resources that can help us retrace the history of digital practice for cultural heritage.
If your hunger for #musetech #museweb #mtogo #musesocial projects is not yet satisfied, you can go through the amazing projects that won the Best of the Web Awards, Museums and the Web annual competition to award the best projects in different areas. Still hungry? Museums and the Web just opened the call for proposals for its Asian appointment in October, this year the #museweb crew will fly to Melbourne. Fancy a trip down under? You can submit a proposal no later than May 15th here.

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