ARTEQ Summit: Museums Meet the Future


A technological revolution is taking place right now. Military drones are completely changing the way war is fought,

while civilian drones are having a deep impact on many other fields, from agriculture to aerial photography. Internet of Things is connecting devices at an increasing rate, creating a massive amount of data

on which new, unexpected applications will be built.

Wearable technologies are getting nearer to our brain: from smartphones connecting us every minute to the Matrix via GPS positioning, to SmartWatches reading our body data. Glasses are quickly evolving towards enterprise applications: industrial maintenance will no longer be the same if technicians can see “through” engines with Smart Glasses. Augmented and Virtual Reality applications are creating a new layer between users and “real” things, while robots are entering houses thanks to small, intelligent domestic appliances, less intrusive than big, pachydermic sci-fi humanoids.

Museums are usually at the margins of this revolution. There are some Italian pilot projects being developed, inspiring but still far from the broader vision of a “Smart” museum. That’s why

we have organized a conference where innovative start-ups and bigger industrial players like Samsung will showcase their latest technology advances to museum professionals, in order to stimulate the birth of new visions and exciting projects. The Arteq Summit will take place in Milan on April 28th.


Giuliano Gaia and Stefania Boiano are the founders of InvisibleStudio, , a cultural communication and consulting agency based in Milan and London.