International Tourism Exchange 2014: The First Official Appearance of #svegliamuseo

BIT2So things happen. Suddenly.

One day in October you’re listening marvelous speech to Ravenna Future Lessons, with case studies you would like to be able to replicate all over the world, and the next day – in fact after months of work – you find yourself exchanging a stream of e-mail with one of the protagonists of those days.

Alessio Carciofi (and its marketing of the heart) struck me from the beginning, but I must say that he did it even more when – with a simple, direct and honest e-mail – he invited us to participate in a panel organized by himself within the International Tourism Exchange in Milan.

It’s just the way things happen. Suddenly.

We accepted with gratitude and – with as much gratitude – I was selected to represent the #svegliamuseo team for the first time – and for his first official appearance.

We were placed in a panel on storytelling with the best in the sector: from Andrea Fontana (entrepreneur , teacher, author and founder of the group StoryFactory) to Lorena Petriccione (project manager and senior account at the “studioand” of Turin and creative – among others – of the application cityteller), without forgetting, of course, the dear Alessio Carciofi.

It’s a fantastic opportunity, we are very pleased and excited to participate, but – whether for personal character and circumstances – the anxiety and fear to feel “inadequate” brooding the soul of the newcomer.

In the stream of e-mail above, Alessio solved everything fraternally: “Do not think about us, think about telling your beautiful reality”.
He’s right. And that is what we will do with all our strength and our ability.

We will try to condense into 10 minutes of words and images, months of study, research and virtual ink, we will try to summarize the will and the desire to innovate. We will try to condense into 10 minutes all about us, but especially all about you. Because #svegliamuseo is an hashtag created by 4 people, but – most of all – #svegliamuseo is a project grew thanks to you.

Stay tuned. Many news (for you and us) are coming.