Communicate an exhibit on the web without a budget: a role-playing game by Luca Melchionna


Last month, Luca Melchionna published in his blog the report of a role-playing game that he organized as part of some training sessions in communication and marketing on the web for cultural institutions, created in partnership with Fondazione Fitzcarraldo.

The game is called “Virus” and requires participants to identify themselves in a typical situation for museums in our Country: you need to develop a project to communicate a new exhibit on the Web, but you have no budget and no resources available, the mission is not clear and individual goals are in conflict. The roles of the game? From the curator, to the attendant press, to the underpaid intern (!), to the blogger. In short, all the ingredients are there to draw our attention.

We asked Luca to tell us better about “Virus”, from the initial idea to the conclusions he drew after several sessions with different groups of participants. After the workshop on digital services designed for the needs of the audience that we conducted with the students of Master GIOCA in Bologna, we are curious to understand with Luca which are the alternative methods of training / study, especially in the cultural field, and even more especially when involving digital media.

A first “Made in Italy” hangout, then, is waiting for us for the next round of Svegliamuseo On Air, December 17 at 1 pm EST. Follow Luca’s story on YouTube and ask him all the questions that pop into your mind via Twitter: it is a unique opportunity to put us all in the discussion and to start planning the revolutions of 2015! [Attention English speaking friends: the Hangout is going to be in Italian!]