What is #svegliamuseo

#svegliamuseo is an experimental project to “wake up” italian museums online, leveraging the power of the Web to generate network effect.

Founded in october 2013 with rather provocatory name and intentions (svegliamuseo means “wake up, museums”), the project wanted to generate buzz around the topic of online communication in the cultural field. Today, #svegliamuseo wants to function as a container for ideas and resources, prompting communities and experts from all over the world to start a dialogue about digital media in the museum field.

Why do we ask museums to wake up?
Because we believe in the importance of an integrated and strategic use of digital tools for communication and interpretation.
Because in the contemporary and hyper-connected world, museums need to start a dialogue with their audiences to remain relevant.
Because we understand difficulties and barriers that italian museums face every day and we respect their efforts. Our goal is to tap into that very same enthusiasm and committment to trigger a change, despite the economic and structural difficulties of the context in which institutions operate.

In a sector that is evolving at a very fast pace, we don’t want to set the rules but rather creating opportunities for learning and exchange. We envision the collective voice to be bigger than the single parts so that it can be https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/generic-viagra/ better heard from those who manages the Culture in Italy.
We hope to diffuse the idea that, to be really revolutionary and effective, digital tools should strongly resonate with the specific institutions and their targets, along with the cultural, politic and economic environment in which they operate. We investigate and reflect with you about possible paths, shapes and dimentions that digital media can take.

What do we do?

We reach out to museum professionals that work in digital communication and interpretation all over the world and we ask them to share strategies, point of views and best practices.
We ask italian museums to candidate themselves in order to be “waken up” and receive free consultation and advice from other professionals.

We interview those italian museums that are proactively working with digital media, asking them to share experiences, issues and future projects.

We research the trends in the sector and we try to make the information accessible. We share articles that we and members of our community write, as well as news from the Web. These articles discuss topic such as strategic communication, analysis and evaluation,

blogging, storytelling, mobile, interactive media, opendada and much more.

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  • Mar, 23 - 2015 at 09:00 AM

    certamente lìniziativa è significativa se comprende e dà visibilità agli innumerevoli di paese,memoria storica di attività e modi di vita del passato,per fare chiarezza sui contenuti storici e culturali autentici,al fine di valorizzare memorie degne e storicamente attendibili.

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