Cultural organizations go digital: the case of the Google Cultural Institute

'Institut Culturel De Google' - Google Cultural Hub - Opens In Paris

Stay tuned this Thursday at 6:00 PM GMT for a very special talk with Luisella Mazza, Country Operations Lead at Google Cultural Institute.

How was life before Google? How could we arrive on time at meetings? Find our way to a party? Knowing answers to question we wouldn’t have dared to ask a living soul and dealing with the scary world outside? ☺

Google is everybody’s favorite digital companion. And since 2011, when it launched the Google Cultural Institute, it started putting its technology and resources to the service of cultural institutions globally.

For hundred of years, cultural institutions have collected and safeguarded our history and heritage. With its Cultural Institute, Google helps them to bring cultural heritage online with free, powerful technologies to digitize, showcase artworks and artifacts in new ways and reach a wider audience. Cultural institutions join the platform to allow the digital audience to discover, explore and share cultural treasures of the world in a new way, in extraordinary details thanks to immersive technologies and through the stories underlying artworks and historical moments.

Would you like to know how all these tools can be

used to publish content and create new experiences for your audiences? Then join the #svegliamuseo team and Luisella Mazza this Thursday at 6:00 PM GMT on the Svegliamuseo On Air channel.