Metrics, Metrics Everywhere! Which Are The Right Ones For Museums’ Social Media And Websites?


In the field of web communication – but also throughout the #svegliamuseo interviews – a lot of conversations are dominated by the importance of measuring our online performance and by the need for museums to use metrics, analytics and evaluation techniques for their social media and websites.

But what are we referring to exactly? Which and how many are the parameters that we can use to measure online performances in an effective way? How do we establish a sustainable relationship between goals, results and the satisfaction levels achieved? What data are actually able to answer the question “so what?” for our online activities?

Svegliamuseo On Air has already explored the complex field of analytics in the past, when Alex Espinós talked about how to use Google Analytics and other platforms for data analysis. However, for the next Svegliamuseo on Air appointment we want to take a step back and better understand the process that leads to the choice of measuring a museum’s online performance: we want to know what goals are measurable, which kind of data can produce significant responses in relation to these goals, how many types of metrics exist and which are those that will best meet the needs of a museum’s online strategy.

To venture into such a frightening area, full of apparent difficulties, numbers, and complicated terms, we asked for the help of two “guru” when talking about measurement of museums’ online performances. During this Svegliamuseo On Air appointment, we will have Brian Alpert, Web Analytics & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Analyst for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and Elena Villaespesa, Digital Analyst at Tate in London, and author of the blog Arts & Metrics.

The appointment is scheduled for Thursday, 11th at 1 pm EST on the Svegliamuseo On Air YouTube channel. Write or tweet us: we are waiting for your questions!

Here’s the YouTube video of the interview with Brian & Elena.