Italian museums: who’s up for free advice?

airbnb_wake_up_call_0As you probably know from our online community, we are working on getting some contacts from the “best online museums”.

We built a great network of people interested in #svegliamuseo. The Smithsonian in Washington, the MIA in Minneapolis and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles have already responded us.

Communication managers and digital managers are excited to participate and to give their advice and tips to improve the online communication of their Italian colleagues. We are about to send them some general questions in order to understand how the social network management of an important museum works and the procedures to begin or improve using these channels with very few resources.

We also would like to acquire a practical dimension, for the Italian realities and to provide tailored tips to those who would like to participate. We are looking for volunteers!


How to participate?

If you work in an Italian museum and you would like #svegliamuseo to create an exchange between your museum and an American institution known to have a strong online presence, contact us at and give us your permission to send your contact details and a link to your  social media channels along with some general questions.

The appointed community manager who will receive them will take a look at your online situation and send you useful tips on your channels (something immediate, simple and, more importantly, given for free).

Questions are being sent out these very days, so hurry up and #svegliamuseo! Let’s wake up!


Translated by @fedi_reds