Museums and the Web, Florence 2014: There’s the Museums, There’s the Web and There’s Us!

Good news for our #svegliamuseo followers!

Our project was selected to participate in the Museums and the Web 2014 edition that will take place in Florence from the 19th to the 21st of February. For those of you who haven’t heard the name before, M&W is an international conference dedicated to what is the central theme of #svegliamuseo: the relationship between museums and digital culture, meaning openness to web and social media, as well as mobile and new technologies.

This year’s edition will be held in Florence in the prestigious venue of Palazzo Vecchio with the title “Open Museums and Smartcities: Storytelling and Connected Culture – strategies, tools, best practices for connecting cultural heritage with the communities of the ‘smartcities’ of the future”.

The program is very rich – three days of intense work await us! During these days, group discussions, individual talks, best practices parades will alternate with workshops and masterclasses, while the themes – from what can be seen – promise to be very interesting. Discussion will be on universal design, social inclusion, accessibility, augmented reality, social media, crowdsourcing, open content, digital collaboration and gamification. In short, everything we have mentioned and shared over the past months both on this blog and our Facebook page – it goes without saying that we are thrilled at the idea of participating in person to the discussion of these topics by many prominent international professionals.


#svegliamuseo will be on stage in the afternoon of February the 20th as part of the Social Media Best Practice Parade that will be held in the magnificent setting of the Salone dei Cinquecento. Francesca will have the opportunity to recount the first months of our project and meet in person people who know a great deal about museums and social media, and who have been so far ‘only’ virtual friends – we are talking about Carlotta Margarone (Palazzo Madama), Alba Scarpellini (Natural History Museum of Florence), Marina Lo Blundo (Archeotoscana) and our colleagues from Invasioni Digitali.

And there’s more to it: #svegliamuseo was invited to participate as one of the official blogs of MWF2014 (our thanks to Flod, media partner of the conference, for this opportunity). Aurora will sitting at the blogger table together with Anna D’Amico (Care About Culture) and Caterina Chimenti (Lonely Traveller). Computer and smartphone in hand, she will tweet live all the best of the conference from our official #svegliamuseo account on Twitter (btw – make sure you follow us if you haven’t done it yet!)

In short, we will be there, and we will be there at our best. We are truly pleased and grateful that this opportunity was offered to us and we will make sure to stay connected all along to listen to your questions and try to answer them while they come (so keep them coming!).

And you, will any of you be there? Those in charge of the organization just let us know that entrance tickets for the conference are still available (click here to register). It isn’t cheap, true, but the event is definitely worth it. Besides, browsing online we also found the chance to have discounted tickets by entering a code available on this page of The Florentine – should you still be interested in coming.

What more to say? We hope to see many of you in Florence in a few weeks. We will be the cheerful ones with their phones always in one hand (live tweeting, live tweeting!) and bright-orange business cards in the other to tell everyone #svegliamuseo!


Translation by @Alex_OLove / @RoryInLA