Svegliamuseo On Air – Call For Volunteers


#svegliamuseo presents Svegliamuseo On Air, a series of video-interviews that leverage on the power of the Web to create connections and opportunities of exchange between Italian museums and institutions abroad.

What is it?

Virtual meetings among museums colleagues around the world that use Google Hangout and are broadcasted live on YouTube, where they are also recorded.

In the last weeks we have been talking with museum professionals working in the digital field. We asked them to talk with Italian museums about the topics that they are more passionate and knowledgeable about. We came up with a series of themes: from the strategic use of Facebook and Twitter as well as other platforms, to gaming, from the training of the staff in the digital era, to museum blogging and so on. The mentors will be talking to those Italian museums that will volunteer for a virtual expert advice.

How does it work?


Every Italian museum can volunteer to participate to an Hangout On Air on a specific subject. The topics that we have scheduled for the next couple of months are listed below, while we will communicate the next appointments later on, through a call for volunteers like this one.

To sign up for a Hangout On Air, a museum can fill in a form (by clicking on the preferred topics in the list below): the #svegliamuseo team will select the museum that will get to be the mentee. In order to keep things more focused, we encourage museums to submit a specific project or idea (past, current or future).

Before the live broadcast, we will send out the link (on Facebook and Twitter) through which it will be able to follow live on the Svegliamuseo On Air YouTube account.

The structure of the video-interviews will follow this model: first, the mentor will introduce the topic along with the key learnings, examples and tips potentially useful for all the museums that will be following the event. Secondly, the mentor will analyse a project, a tool or an idea, selected among those that Italian museums would submit. This would be an opportunity for direct exchange for the mentee, that will receive tips to improve its strategy or the possible paths to follow in its digital journey. At the end, a space for Q&As from the audience will be reserved.

Do you represent a museum or an institution and you would like to participate?

For now, the role of mentees is for Italian museum only, but if the model will be successfull we may want to experiment with international mentees as well)

If you have got an idea, a project or simply your institution wants to explore a specific subject, pick a topic from the list below and fill in the form to candidate your institution as a possible mentee.

  1. Social Media Strategy with low budget
  2. YouTube Strategy: how a museum can use this platform?
  3. Facebook e Twitter: integrated strategy for the most popular platforms
  4. Museum blogging: how to open and manage a museum blog
  5. Museum Gaming: new languages for interpretation and education
  6. Virtual and real: Google Art Project
  7. Staff training in the digital era
  8. Social media evaluation
  9. Interactives in the galleries: how could the enhance the museum experience?
  10. Experimentation! How a museum can explore technology and innovation (and learn something in the process)
  11. Go mobile! Mobile technologies and museums
  12. New forms of exhibition development: cross-units collaborations and visitor centered design

Are you interested in a theme on which you would like to get some tips or create a discussion? Contact us

Are you a museum professional with experience in the field, with a project from which you learned key concepts that are “exportable” to other institutions? You can apply to be a mentor! Contact us!

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1. How can I attend if I don’t speak really good english?

It is not necessary for a museum (either the mentee or a spectator) to talk to the mentor directly. The #svegliamuseo team will lead the meeting and will make accessible to the mentors contents about the mentee institution beforehand. Italian museums that don’t feel like attending live, because they feel that language would be too much of a barrier, can send us their questions beforehands or during the event.

2. How can I attend if I don’t have a specific project but I am interested in the topic?

From the YouTube Channel of Svegliamuseo On Air will be possible to follow the meeting. The recordings of the past Hangout On Air will be available on the same channel.

3. How can I participate to the discussion if I have questions?

The #svegliamuseo team will gather your questions before and during the meeting, through Twitter or email, possibly translating live your questions.

4. What are the technical requirements to join the Google Hangout?

Everybody can join a Google Hangout, it is sufficient to have an internet connection and open the link that we will share on our channels right before the start of the meeting. For your live questions, just email us or Tweet them mentioning @svegliamuseo.

The museum that joins as a mentee and wants to interact with the mentor directly, needs to have a Google + account and activate the Hangout plugin.

Other questions? Just write us an email!

Other stuff

In order to allow the broadest number of institutions to join the virtual interviews, #svegliamuseo will select a museum or a project that will be analyzed by the mentor each time. To avoid technical problems, we may ask you to do a test beforehand. Each Hangout On Air will start on a determined day and at a precise time, communicated in advance so that you can be sure to tune in!

The meetings will be recorder and made available on the YouTube channel. We will do our best to caption them in Italian to ensure that they are fully accessible to our communities. However, if there is anybody out there that might want to help us with this effort, write us an email at