Svegliamuseo On Air – Museum Analytics, What Are They?


The Svegliamuseo On Air appointment for this week will discuss the feared topic of data analysis!

Wednesday 9th July, 10 am (EDT) we are going to talk with Alex Espinós, founder of the Spanish agency LaMagnética  and evaluation expert. Our discussion will revolve around analytics and the role they play when talking about digital tools for Museums.

Alex Espinós  and his agency LaMagnética are largerly known by Italian museums, especially those who have attended the Museum Week last March. His interesting and beautiful graphs show the Twitter interactions among European museums. We have been using and sharing them to reflect upon online performances during the Twitter event. This Wednesday. Alex is going to talk about what tools we can use to investigate the impacts of different online activities of a Museum, from social networks to the website. What are the main challenges and what tools can we use to support our analysis?

On the Italian side, ready with her questions on evaluation of  online performances and data interpretation, there will be Marina Lo Blundo, blogger for the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana and social media manager at the Museo Archeologico di Firenze (where she tweets with the handle @chimera_MAF).

It looks like this meeting will be very interesting and will trigger inspiring discussions, so stay tuned!

You are welcome to ask questions live on Twitter and through email, see you on the YouTube Svegliamuseo On Air channel!