Svegliamuseo On Air – Staff Training In The Digital Age

CC BY 2.0/toolstop

CC BY 2.0/toolstop

Wednesday 16th July from 11.00 (EST) to 12.00 am Svegliamuseo On Air comes back with a new appointment, on a topic that we are particularly interested in: museum staff training in terms of digital skills and digital thinking.

We are really glad to announce that we will have with us Ed Rodley, Associate Director of Integrated Media at the Peabody Essex Museum of Boston and author of the blog  Thinking About Museums.

At this link you will be able to follow live or watch the recording later on.

We have been obverving how mechanisms and opportunities for staff training have been spreading in the Museum field. One of the most interesting approaches is that of Computer Club, created by Carolyn Royston and her staff at the Imperial War Museum. Computer Club is a model of informal and playful training that supports the broader digital transformation plan of the institution.

But what does “staff training for digital thinking” exactly mean? Nowadays, museums and their staff face a true challenge. Employees who are traditionally accostumed to having very specialized skills and knowledge, find themselves at present surrounded by tweets and posts. At the same time, IT and Web departments, usually limited to the management of the website, are more and more required to represent the institution, as much as Curatorial, Communication and Education departments. In this scenario, what are the skills that are required for working in a Museum? How can we foster training and new skills for the staff that already works in the museums, considering the fast pace with which technology evolves? What are the main challenges in starting a strategy for  staff training that leads to cross-units and sustainable digital awareness?

We’ll discover it together, so stay tuned for this really interesting appointment of Svegliamuseo on Air!