Svegliamuseo On Air – Why Should We Use Google+ In Our Social Media Strategy?


… Really, why? A question troubling more than one. A social network that has not taken over yet and seems neglected by the web users, the more so when it comes to culture.

And yet, with its 300 million active users Google+ is one of the “must-have” platforms, as it should be when we consider that its public content gets automatically indexed and ranked by Google. And that its Hangouts – of which we are fairly-recent by strongly-committed users – open ever new possibilities to social interacting.

When we asked Ryan Dodge, of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, to tell us more about the social strategy of his Museum – where he works as Social Media Coordinator – can you guess what we learned? That they use Google+, and that the platform actually plays a substantial role in increasing touch-points with the Museum audience, especially thanks to Google Hangout.

Guess what we had there? All the perfect ingredients for a new and exciting Svegliamuseo on Air! Stay tuned this coming Wednesday, 23rd of July, at 11 (ET).

You can read this interview to learn all you need to know about planning a digital strategy the Canadian way, or as they do it at the Royal Ontario Museum. On Wednesday, come back for a Svegliamuseo on Air to hear Ryan talk more generally about how to develop a social media strategy – from Facebook to Twitter, but with a special focus on Google+. We really want you out there using it.

His Italian matching will be Giuseppe Cosenza, person in charge of social media communication for the Catacombs of Saints Marcellinus and Peter in Rome. Together with his staff, Giuseppe will be discussing with Ryan the best way to improve his institution’s online presence.

Consider these two things before we start.

First, this interview is for all of you out there who have uttered at least once “I’m not that convinced by Google+”. Follow us this Wednesday on YouTube and we will make you change your mind.

Secondly, it is going to be the last episode of Svegliamuseo on Air before summer-break.

You simply just can’t miss it!