How to Communicate the Museum on a Smartphone: the MoMA’s mobile website


Since April 21st 2015, Google has officially released an update to the algorithm that controls the ranking of web pages, rewarding the visibility of mobile friendly websites. The decision of the American colossus is based on the observation that nowadays 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, and the new algorithm benefits those websites that offer user experiences tailored on the needs of those starting a research from a smartphone or a tablet.

But what does this mean for museums? What ground rules can be followed by those cultural institutions who want to “keep up” and make choices geared to the needs of the digital public?

In recent months, there are many cases – also Italian – of museums that have started a deep and thorough redesign of their websites: just think of the recent launches of MAXXI and Fondazione Torino Musei, while there are many other cases still in progress.

To shed some light on the logics that drive the creation of a mobile friendly website, we asked Chiara Bernasconi, Assistant Director for the department of Digital Media at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, to tell us about her work on the creation MoMA’s mobile website.

This makes the next Svegliamuseo On Air appointment unmissable! See you on our YouTube channel on Monday, June 22nd at 12 (EST): we’re waiting for your questions for Chiara via Twitter or email. Stay tuned!