Svegliamuseo On Air – Tradition & Innovation: Team-based, Visitor-centered Exhibition Development


Friday, July 11th at 9.00 am (EDT)  we will be airing from the Indianapolis Museum of Art, from which Silvia Filippini Fantoni will discuss participatory practices, visitor-centered design and the “expanded” curatorial approaches that the museum has recently adopting in developing exhibitions and programs.

Silvia manages the Interpretation, Media and Evaluation Department at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She is responsible for the development of analogue and digital interpretive content about the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and historic properties as well as audience research and evaluation.

Silvia will discuss with #svegliamuseo about a few different but intertwined topics. The Indianapolis Museum of Art, in fact, approaches exhibition making in a rather revolutionary way for art museums.

Instead of the traditional, “top down” approach, the development process of an exhibition is structured around a team in which curators, designers, interpretation specialists and evaluators work together from the start to identify the exhibition main thesis and outcomes, finalize the list of artworks, identify the layout and develop interpretive tools and contents.

These components are supported by research and evaluation before, during and after the launch of a project (be it digital or not). This approach is meant to bring the visitor, his/her needs and interests at the center of the exhibition development process, as well as to support the development of more participatory experiences.

On the Italian side we will have Cristina Casadei, Project and Communication Manager at the Museo Carlo Zauli, joining the discussion. The Museum is a rather small institution that has embedded in its tradition a close relationship with local artists and public. The discussion will revolve around how an Italian museum can change its approaches, even when they are particularly rooted in tradition values and habits.

As you might have noticed, the topic for this Svegliamuseo On Air it is slightly different to what we are used to – we won’t discuss social media this time, but we decided to take a closer look at those processes of “inner” transformation  that Museums must face in the digital era.

Download Silvia’s presentation: Presentation Svegliamuseo_SilviaFilippini-Fantoni