Svegliamuseo On Air – YouTube Strategy


Are you ready? Getting excited? On June 12 at 16.00 CET the Svegliamuseo On Air series kicks off!

The first appointment will be focusing on “YouTube: Museums and Video Strategy”, presented by Dixie Leigh Clough, emerging museum professional from the Smithsonian Institution as well as “YouTube aficionada”.

Dixie graduated at the George Washington University with a thesis discussing the relation between this very social network and the museum field. She has been trying to turn every museum in a unicorn ever since. Wondering why? Because finding a museum that truly understands YouTube and produces great content is a mission similar to finding a unicorn! (editor’s note: congrats to those who get the Charlie the Unicorn reference, one of the most representative cartoons of the YouTube Culture).

Among other things, Dixie works in Online Fundraising at the Smithsonian Institution and she is the Social Media Manager of Curator: the Museum Journal. Furthermore, she curates her own YouTube channel and she joined panels at international conferences (the last two American Alliance of Museums meetings and Museums and the Web 2014), discussing how museums can use this tool effectively and creatively.

#svegliamuseo hosted a post by Francesco Ripanti a few months ago in which were gathered some examples of how museums use YouTube. The topic proved fascinating and worth deepening, which is exactly what  we will do now, and live,  by looking at the potentials and possibilities of this social network for museums to achieve an integrated video strategy.

An Italian professional will join the conversation, in this case Paolo Cavallotti, Chief of Internet and Interactive Media at the Museums of Science and Technology in Milan. Paolo will present the YouTube page of the Museum and receive from Dixie tips and suggestions that we hope will prove interesting and useful for the whole Svegliamuseo community.

onair.001 The live broadcast will last about an hour and will be aired on our brand-new (it goes without saying) YouTube channel. Everyone is welcome to join and participate by sending (live or beforehand) questions for Dixie via Twitter or email at

So don’t forget to note down the day on your agenda and see you on June 12!

For those who couldn’t make it and follow it live, here you can watch the meeting with Dixie and Paolo. Enjoy it!