Svegliamuseo On Air

Svegliamuseo On Air consists in a series of video-interviews that leverage the power of the Web to create connections and opportunities of exchange between Italian museum professionals and cultural institutions operating abroad.

Each episode is an hour-long meeting between museum colleagues from all around the world, made possible by the Google Hangout platform and broadcasted live on our YouTube channel, where each episode is also recorded for future views.

Svegliamuseo On Air revolves around a series of key-themes being widely discussed in international circles, from the strategic use of Facebook and Twitter – as well as other platforms – to gaming; from staff training in the digital era to museum blogging, and so on.

How does it work?

We welcome and encourage every professional working in an Italian museum to volunteer for an episode of Svegliamuseo On Air on a specific subject of their liking. All we ask is for them to send an email to, and suggest a topic or a question they are interested in discussing with a colleague from abroad, or to apply for a specific topic that has already been scheduled and more specifically defined.
If the first is the case, the #svegliamuseo team will make sure to find a suitable international museum professional with experience in the field, and set everything up!
Before each live broadcast, what we do is post a presentation and a small introduction of the particants on our website, and then provide

on our Facebook and Twitter pages – on the chosen day – a link to the live broadcasting of the Svegliamuseo On Air episode.


1. My English is not very good, can I still take part?

Yes: it is not necessary for the Italian museum representative to have a direct interaction with the international museum professional. The #svegliamuseo team usually leads the meeting and makes accessible to the foreigner representative the contents about the Italian institution beforehand. Italian museums that don’t feel like attending live, because they feel that language would be too much of a barrier, can send us their questions beforehands or during the event.

2. How can I be a part of it if I don’t have a specific project but I’m very interested in the topic discussed?

You can still take part to the episode by watching its live broadcasting on YouTube, and by sending your questions via Twitter and Facebook, both in English or Italian, while it is airing. A recording of the episode will also be availabe on our YouTube channel afterwards.

3. What are the technical requirements to join a Google Hangout on Air?

The museum professionals who join as participants need to have an account on Google+ and install the Hangout plugin (and you just need to follow the instructions to do it).
All we ask from you is a technical rehearsal a few days before the actual hangout, easy-peasy!

Other questions? Just write us an email!