Museum Stories #3: Who Told Them (Well) And How – Three Case Histories

In the previous posts we tried to understand what storytelling is and which are some of the ingredients that can help us to tell a story in the best way.

What we will do today is analyze three examples of how (more or less) renowned museums were able to carry on a worthy act of storytelling. It should be remembered that none of these cases contains an absolute general principle: every institution has assessed the specific context in which it operates and has developed a targeted engagement strategy. Equally obvious is that these are just some of the many examples that could be taken into consideration and I urge all those who know more to point them out in the comments.

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Museum Stories #2: What Are The Ingredients For A Thriving Story?

13064138253_009010e4ae_bDid you get a clearer idea of ​​what can be done with storytelling and what we mean with it?

Have a step back and take a look at my previous post if you feel like you need a little revision – this is your chance.

What we will do today is try to understand which are the best ingredients to create and tell a story that could emerge from the vast sea of our so-called ‘Digital Age’.

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Museum Stories #1: A Definition of Storytelling

You might not know it, but you have experienced storytelling long before you learned to write. Don’t  believe it?
“Once upon a time, many years ago”… any bell ringing now?
The beginning of a fairy tale, an imaginary adventure, a story –  exactly. The person telling you such stories was performing the magic act of storytelling (by the way, have you ever managed to fall asleep before you had heard the whole story? I honestly never did).

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