Museum Stories #3: Who Told Them (Well) And How – Three Case Histories

In the previous posts we tried to understand what storytelling is and which are some of the ingredients that can help us to tell a story in the best way.

What we will do today is analyze three examples of how (more or less) renowned museums were able to carry on a worthy act of storytelling. It should be remembered that none of these cases contains an absolute general principle: every institution has assessed the specific context in which it operates and has developed a targeted engagement strategy. Equally obvious is that these are just some of the many examples that could be taken into consideration and I urge all those who know more to point them out in the comments.

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Museum Stories #2: What Are The Ingredients For A Thriving Story?

13064138253_009010e4ae_bDid you get a clearer idea of ​​what can be done with storytelling and what we mean with it?

Have a step back and take a look at my previous post if you feel like you need a little revision – this is your chance.

What we will do today is try to understand which are the best ingredients to create and tell a story that could emerge from the vast sea of our so-called ‘Digital Age’.

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Museum Stories #1: A Definition of Storytelling

You might not know it, but you have experienced storytelling long before you learned to write. Don’t  believe it?
“Once upon a time, many years ago”… any bell ringing now?
The beginning of a fairy tale, an imaginary adventure, a story –  exactly. The person telling you such stories was performing the magic act of storytelling (by the way, have you ever managed to fall asleep before you had heard the whole story? I honestly never did).

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Pinterest: When Museums Talk Through a Board


Pinterest – as its self-explanatory name tells us – is a virtual pinboard that allows its users to share all that they might find of any interest on the web.

It is a “content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images”, and catalogue passions and interests through them. To enter Pinterest is to travel in an inspirational world, where people tell their stories through images rather than words – these are very little used (more info here).

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I musei del Montefeltro e le tendenze nazionali e internazionali. Quando la visita è virtuale: #svegliamuseo

“Mettersi nei panni di un turista durante le cantine a Sant’Angelo in Vado, la festa della castagna a Lunano o la fiera del tartufo in Acqualagna. Una volta che si è mangiato e bevuto, che si fa? Ci sono musei in zona da visitare? Sì ci sono. Ma le informazioni su internet si trovano? E le pagine Facebook?”

Un articolo di approfondimento sui musei del territorio e la comunicazione online, con tanto di intervista a Federica su #svegliamuseo!

[segnalazione di @Fedi_reds]


Spot da museo

L’interessantissima riflessione di Annamaria Testa per Internazionale sul tema della comunicazione museale.

“Cosa vi viene in mente se dico “pubblicità per i musei”? Al massimo, temo, qualche manifesto noioso con il titolo di una mostra, una foto un po’ così e troppi testi scritti in caratteri troppo piccoli. Si può fare di meglio?”

[segnalazione di @cioschi]