Micromecenatism 2.0: crowdfunding for cultural institutions in 5 steps


Crowdfunding again? This term, as others related to digital in the cultural field, is likely to become the classic “buzzword”, the magic word that is believed to be a solution to all kinds of economic problems of cultural institutions, which are increasingly looking for new forms of funding to support programs and projects.

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Kickstarter: Turning Crowdfunding Into Community Building

Not long ago, the Spy Museum in Washington DC hosted a meeting focused around Kickstarter, a website aiming to raise money and build “vibrant communities” around creative projects. The meeting, titled “The Ups and Downs of a Great Kickstarter, What Works and What Doesn’t?”, saw the presence among others of Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter’s Art Program Director, to whom we are indebted for an overview of projects related to the cultural and museum sector.

As I was lucky enough to attend the meeting, here’s my recap, #svegliamuseoontour style!

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