Museums’ Social Media Strategy According To Mar Dixon: “Do Not Wait For Things To Be Perfect”

4We are confident that the majority of you already knows – or has heard the names of – MuseumMix UKTeens in MuseumsMuseum CampCulture Themes, and has taken part to and used the #MuseumWeek and #AskACurator hashtags at least once. But did you also know that there is only one mind behind all these projects? That of Mar Dixon.

Mar faces everyday some of the most pressing issues and trending topics in the museum sector: from professional development to innovation, from the use of social media and digital communication tools to thinking about the meaning making in museums. Whom better than her to talk about strategy and to outline a direction for museums to follow?

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Svegliamuseo On Air – YouTube Strategy


Are you ready? Getting excited? On June 12 at 16.00 CET the Svegliamuseo On Air series kicks off!

The first appointment will be focusing on “YouTube: Museums and Video Strategy”, presented by Dixie Leigh Clough, emerging museum professional from the Smithsonian Institution as well as “YouTube aficionada”.

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#svegliamuseo at Museums and the Web 2014 in Baltimore

bFrom 1st to 5th April #svegliamuseo goes to Baltimore for Museums and the Web 2014

Museums and the Web is an international conference that hosts innovative examples of research and application of digital to the cultural, natural and scientific heritage. MW sees the participation of professionals from around the world: webmasters, curators, educators, designers, managers, directors, scholars, consultants, developers, analysts and publishers from museums, galleries, libraries, science centers, archives.

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The “Approachable” Museum: The Social Media Strategy of Statens Museum for Kunst – Denmark

The National Art Gallery of Denmark has a long and at times troubled history, it maintains tens of thousands masterpieces of Danish and international artists and it is the first museum in Denmark for importance and size.

What was it missing in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied? Apparently nothing, but it didn’t seem so to its head-manager, one who absolutely wanted to lead his museum into modernity with its new tools, who wanted to let the museum become a “modern” museum that produces modernity itself.

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