When Audience Re-Elaborate Collections: Rijksmuseum’s Digital Strategies

Immagine5It might be difficult to believe given its marvellous look, but the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is 214 years old. It had to go through substantial architectural and structural interventions to undergo its two centuries of history.

Since its first opening, the Dutch museum of art and history has always pursued modernity, and always tried to keep up with trends: architectural, cultural, museological. An example of this approach is the fabulous video that has been produced (along with sponsors) to celebrate the re-opening in April 2013.

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The Catalan Museums: An #Open Mix of Global Audience & Local Flavor

Over the past few months we had the chance to meet many extremely interesting people, not all of them Italian, who enthusiastically joined in our project – it goes without saying, most of these lucky connections were formed on… Twitter. It’s on this platform that we met Àlex Hinojo (@Kippelboy), a “cultural sector engager” from Barcelona, as his bio defines him. And it’s from those first tweet that this interview took shape, one in which we won’t be talking about one museum but all museums of Catalonia, that Àlex has gathered together under the banner of the @CatalanMuseums account on Twitter.

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