Communicating cultural activities through many accounts: the case of CCCB of Barcelona

3_CCCB (c) Adrià Goula, 2011

Good practice wants the public to be central to any digital planning strategy of a museum. At the same time, active listening is a useful tool to identify expectations and interests.

Sometimes, to plan, organize and disseminate content by a museum that manages only one account on any social network can be challenging. What happens when communication is done by many voices and channels? And what to do when there is not a physical collection, but rather conferences, meetings, courses, or – yet – programs of film, literature and music to narrate the museum? Read more

Svegliamuseo On Air – Why Should We Use Google+ In Our Social Media Strategy?


… Really, why? A question troubling more than one. A social network that has not taken over yet and seems neglected by the web users, the more so when it comes to culture.

And yet, with its 300 million active users Google+ is one of the “must-have” platforms, as it should be when we consider that its public content gets automatically indexed and ranked by Google. And that its Hangouts – of which we are fairly-recent by strongly-committed users – open ever new possibilities to social interacting.

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Svegliamuseo On Air – How To Run A Social Media Strategy With Low Budget


After a first appointment during which we explored video social platforms for museums, Svegliamuseo On Air is coming back this Wednesday, June 18th, at 10:00 AM (EST) to talk about low budget social media strategy with Adrienne N. RomanoDirector of Education, New Media and Interpretive Initiatives at James A. Michener Art Museum, Pennsylvania.

Despite the fact that her official role at the Museum is oriented towards education, Adrienne is also the only person in charge of online communication through social networks, with a budget that is close to zero and the help of an intern (does this scenario sound familiar to you?).

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Museums’ Social Media Strategy According To Mar Dixon: “Do Not Wait For Things To Be Perfect”

4We are confident that the majority of you already knows – or has heard the names of – MuseumMix UKTeens in MuseumsMuseum CampCulture Themes, and has taken part to and used the #MuseumWeek and #AskACurator hashtags at least once. But did you also know that there is only one mind behind all these projects? That of Mar Dixon.

Mar faces everyday some of the most pressing issues and trending topics in the museum sector: from professional development to innovation, from the use of social media and digital communication tools to thinking about the meaning making in museums. Whom better than her to talk about strategy and to outline a direction for museums to follow?

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From Local To Global And Back Thanks To Social Media: The National Museum of Women In The Arts

When we think about Washington, D.C., we think about a monumental city in which the many cultural landmarks stand for the values and the ideals of a Nation. The National Museum of Women in the Arts preserves and displays a collection of 4,500 objects that celebrates the recognition of women’s creative contributions in the U.S. and beyond. Founded in 1987, it is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to this topic and the inspiring ideals that are connected to it.

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When Audience Re-Elaborate Collections: Rijksmuseum’s Digital Strategies

Immagine5It might be difficult to believe given its marvellous look, but the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is 214 years old. It had to go through substantial architectural and structural interventions to undergo its two centuries of history.

Since its first opening, the Dutch museum of art and history has always pursued modernity, and always tried to keep up with trends: architectural, cultural, museological. An example of this approach is the fabulous video that has been produced (along with sponsors) to celebrate the re-opening in April 2013.

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