Communicating cultural activities through many accounts: the case of CCCB of Barcelona

3_CCCB (c) Adrià Goula, 2011

Good practice wants the public to be central to any digital planning strategy of a museum. At the same time, active listening is a useful tool to identify expectations and interests.

Sometimes, to plan, organize and disseminate content by a museum that manages only one account on any social network can be challenging. What happens when communication is done by many voices and channels? And what to do when there is not a physical collection, but rather conferences, meetings, courses, or – yet – programs of film, literature and music to narrate the museum? Read more

#MuseumWeek: pros & cons from the point of view of Italian professionals

As all the fans of digital and museums know, the 2015 edition of #MuseumWeek , the event “of the museums on Twitter” par excellence has just ended. From March 23th to 29th, cultural institutions around the world participated in large numbers and with an even greater number of tweets and interactions (according to statistics released by the organizers, 180,105 original tweets has been sent, with more than 423,000 retweets).

From architecture to souvenirs, from selfies to behind the scenes, through the activities reserved to the families and to the highlights of the collection, the seven themes chosen for this edition haven’t forgotten anything, providing rich opportunities to museums to share content of different types – and most importantly – create a unique opportunity for interaction between cultural organizations, users, visitors and other institutions.

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Svegliamuseo On Air – Museum Analytics, What Are They?


The Svegliamuseo On Air appointment for this week will discuss the feared topic of data analysis!

Wednesday 9th July, 10 am (EDT) we are going to talk with Alex Espinós, founder of the Spanish agency LaMagnética  and evaluation expert. Our discussion will revolve around analytics and the role they play when talking about digital tools for Museums.

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A Smart Guide To Twitter: Do’s & Don’ts For The Social Museum

dos and donts.002

Ever wondered what are the tricks to use Twitter in a professional way? What a museum should know before writing the notorious 140 characters for the first time? Or the most common mistakes that could be avoided?

To answer these questions, Francesca and Valeria have collected different resources (workshops they recently attended, professional experiences, as well as tips discovered on the web) and have put them together to create the following Top Twenty of Do’s and Don’ts for Museums and museum professionals. A small/smart guide to improve everyone’s presence on this social platform. 

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The Riace Bronzes, the Bonapartes and the Bethroted. Something’s Happening on Twitter!

Schermata 12-2456646 alle 12.19.55

Over the past week, my Twitter morning check has become much more entertaining and eventful.

It all started last Monday morning when I – happily – discovered  that the “Che tempo che fa”  Sunday episode live tweeting had been carried on by the Riace bronzes. Wow – worth checking it out! And this is how I met Bronze A and Bronze B – muscular, witty, and such smooth-talkers. Bronze A is a young workout fanatic, hairstyle always impeccable and a tendency to flirt with every female archaeologist crossing his path; Bronze B is steadier, more mature, though sometimes a little too narrow-minded – especially when the subject of ménages à trois is brought up…  They certainly have the nerves, these two,or, as we Italians would phrase it, they really are two “bronze faces”.

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“In celebration of the exhibition Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938, MoMA invites you to participate in “Magritte through Your Eyes” by submitting photos and videos inspired by René Magritte’s breakthrough Surrealist years.

Using Magritte’s The False Mirror as inspiration, share your own interpretation of the painting by posting pictures or videos to your Facebook and Twitter accounts using your favorite apps and filters. The posts should include the hashtag #MoMAMagritte, so that all submissions can appear here. We will be sharing our favorites, so be creative!

Participants can show their posts on their mobile device at MoMA, at any time during the promotion, for a $5 discount on regular admission. The promotion will run October 23–November 30.”

Great to know!

[segnalazione di @darios]