The Digital Voice of Italian Museums: Digital Think-In

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There is one thing that we like about Italian museums: they are always able to surprise us. And among the many good news in the field of digital and culture, there is also an Italian museum that rolls up his sleeves and, among exhibitions, events and a new website, managed to organize the first entirely local version of a conference on the theme. Read more

Communicate an exhibit on the web without a budget: a role-playing game by Luca Melchionna


Last month, Luca Melchionna published in his blog the report of a role-playing game that he organized as part of some training sessions in communication and marketing on the web for cultural institutions, created in partnership with Fondazione Fitzcarraldo.

The game is called “Virus” and requires participants to identify themselves in a typical situation for museums in our Country: you need to develop a project to communicate a new exhibit on the Web, but you have no budget and no resources available, the mission is not clear and individual goals are in conflict. The roles of the game? From the curator, to the attendant press, to the underpaid intern (!), to the blogger. In short, all the ingredients are there to draw our attention.

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Workshops for the #IMD2014: what themes are going to be discussed?

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On Saturday 17th May, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, there will be a series of workshops organized by the Museum and ICOM Italy, on the occasion of the International Museum Day. “Create connections with collections” is the title of the IMD as well as the overarching theme of the workshops that will include experts and professionals in the sector discussing and confronting on some of the tendencies in the field. Digital, participation, sustainable development, accessibility, are some of the themes that will be explored in 6 meetings. To take a more detailed look at the program and register click here.

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