Svegliamuseo On Air – YouTube Strategy


Are you ready? Getting excited? On June 12 at 16.00 CET the Svegliamuseo On Air series kicks off!

The first appointment will be focusing on “YouTube: Museums and Video Strategy”, presented by Dixie Leigh Clough, emerging museum professional from the Smithsonian Institution as well as “YouTube aficionada”.

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Svegliamuseo On Air – Call For Volunteers


#svegliamuseo presents Svegliamuseo On Air, a series of video-interviews that leverage on the power of the Web to create connections and opportunities of exchange between Italian museums and institutions abroad.

What is it?

Virtual meetings among museums colleagues around the world that use Google Hangout and are broadcasted live on YouTube, where they are also recorded.

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Spot da museo

L’interessantissima riflessione di Annamaria Testa per Internazionale sul tema della comunicazione museale.

“Cosa vi viene in mente se dico “pubblicità per i musei”? Al massimo, temo, qualche manifesto noioso con il titolo di una mostra, una foto un po’ così e troppi testi scritti in caratteri troppo piccoli. Si può fare di meglio?”

[segnalazione di @cioschi]


And… Action! Museums on YouTube

youtube museo

Raise your hand if  the association “video & museum” instantly makes you think of long and boring documentaries! It has certainly happened  to every museum-goer, once in a lifetime, to end up sitting in a dark room filled with plastic chairs – sometimes slightly embellished by red cushions,  but almost always empty – to watch a documentary on a specific topic or on the museum in general. A blessed break for aching backs, after hours spent standing in front of the cases, people use these spaces to relax and, while they are there – why not – watch the documentary.

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