“In celebration of the exhibition Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938, MoMA invites you to participate in “Magritte through Your Eyes” by submitting photos and videos inspired by René Magritte’s breakthrough Surrealist years.

Using Magritte’s The False Mirror as inspiration, share your own interpretation of the painting by posting pictures or videos to your Facebook and Twitter accounts using your favorite apps and filters. The posts should include the hashtag #MoMAMagritte, so that all submissions can appear here. We will be sharing our favorites, so be creative!

Participants can show their posts on their mobile device at MoMA, at any time during the promotion, for a $5 discount on regular admission. The promotion will run October 23–November 30.”

Great to know!


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Art Babble


ArtBabble is a website that showcases high quality art-related video content from more than 50 cultural institutions from around the world.

ArtBabble is an energetic place to learn for everybody who loves and has an interest in art and particularly for educators who can use it as a way to support their classroom activities.

ArtBabble brings art content from different places and perspectives together, easily accessed and found.

Created in 2009, the website was conceived, designed, programmed, and launched by a cross-departmental collection of individuals at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


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Spot da museo


L’interessantissima riflessione di Annamaria Testa per Internazionale sul tema della comunicazione museale.

“Cosa vi viene in mente se dico “pubblicità per i musei”? Al massimo, temo, qualche manifesto noioso con il titolo di una mostra, una foto un po’ così e troppi testi scritti in caratteri troppo piccoli. Si può fare di meglio?”


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Museum blogs: the Victoria and Albert Museum case


The very interesting experiment at Victoria & Albert Museum: “The V&A Network is made up of a number of individual V&A blogs. Contributors hail from all over the Museum and include curators, educators, librarians, exhibition teams, artists, designers and archivists.”

Check this out!


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The spirit of sharing: le nuove strategie di comunicazione dei musei nell’epoca di Twitter


Uno sguardo oltre i confini nazionali, dal New York Times del marzo 2011: un interessante articolo sul modo in cui alcuni musei statunitensi si sono preparati ad affrontare i cambiamenti imposti dalle nuove tecnologie alla comunicazione museale.


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21 ways how I would create an amazing museum

03Mar13: **** SUNDAY FOR MONDAY *** Bone-collecting child blogger wins book deal. (FILE 10 of 10)

“I have been to a LOT of museums. Some have been massive, and have loads of money, like the Natural History Museum. Others have been tiny, like the D’Arcy Thompson museum in Dundee. I once even went to a museum that was two rooms in a man’s house. All of them have been cool in their own way. 

So if I could make my own museum, and control everything, what would I do ? These are the 21 ways I would make my museum absolutely fantastic for everyone, especially kids.” Jake Bones, 11 years old!


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